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Over 30 years ago in an oyster bar in Daytona Beach, Bob Barry was slurping oysters and drinking beer with a t-shirt maker after he arranged bond for his brother, busted for transporting a load of marijuana through Ponce Inlet.  After several pitchers of beers the idea of printing a t-shirt was brought up, and on a napkin was written the trademarked slogan;


The Original “Came On Vacation, Left On Probation.”

"to escape the 'System' alive is a worthy goal" 

Bob Barry Bail Bonds  custom t shirts store


   About The Original,

  Came on Vacation,

    Left on Probation


 Bob Barry Bail Bonds

    design for tshirt

Then the logo of a young man in paisley shirt, shorts, flip flops, and sunglasses handcuffed, carrying his luggage came to fruition.  The plan was to produce them for upcoming spring break, giving them to the bonded misguided.  Only by word of mouth came the bikers, then the locals young and old.  Looking “bad is good,” a cult item had been created, and all were happy.  Popularity grew with numerous printings over many years and they were sent to countless states and countries. 

Then they went on hiatus after the t-shirt maker also went to prison when caught hauling his load.  After many request this cult item was resurrected, the;                                                     

                                                “CAME ON VACATION, LEFT ON PROBATION”



Bob Barry Bail Bonds T Shirt is now available on the internet.  Accept no substitute!!!